Artistic Approach

Interrogations about the self, the personal and collective unconscious and the representation of dreams are at the core of my work.


I believe that our unconscious has important messages for us, in the form of dreams, which are worth listening to. Our mind can work more freely during our sleep, when there is no interference from the outside world. Dreams allow our unconscious to take the lead, liberating our mind from logical constraints. Our dreams are related to whatever occupies the most our mind during the day; dreams can provide specific solutions to current dilemmas.

Dreams are an inexhaustible resource of inspiration.


Painting dreams, using dreams as a basis for visual arts has always been present in human history, but the most well-known art movement that merged dreaming and reality into a kind of absolute reality, was the Surrealism. Their style is the one closest to my heart.


‘Harvesting dreams’ is the most authentic expression that I can use to describe my practice, as I had seen it written down in a night-time vision. I dream paintings, harvest and harness dreams.


My work examines the representation of nocturnal dreams, focusing mainly on those which appear in the hypnagogic state of sleeping. These are the ones that go through our minds as we fall asleep or slowly awaken. Being stuck by the images I turn them into paintings. Some of my dreams are transferred to canvas without any translation, while others are corrected by waking reasoning. I prefer to develop a canvas soon after the dream experience, when the vision is still very clear in my head. In this case the painting will not only depict a scene or an object, but can give back the feelings related to the dream. My artworks are characterized by unrealistic, vivid colours which give them dreamlike quality.


I investigate the potential of lucid dreaming in the creation process.


I paint mainly with acrylics, incorporating text elements on different languages into my paintings as a symbol of multiculturality and constant change; which has been very important factors of my life. The fragmented texts are a metaphor for the unconscious as well. The same way as these texts cannot be fully read or understood; the information from our unconscious cannot be completely retrieved.


I think that to live a happy and satisfying life, one have to believe in their own importance and in a meaningful existence. We have to notice and respect the uniqueness and value of every human being.


To achieve these, having a clear sense of one’s own identity and individuality is the key.

My research on dreams led me to the conviction that depicting my own dreams could help others to find a way to their own self. The feelings provoked trough my work can take the audience to scrutinize their own struggles; helping them to look into themselves, realising their own identity, finding a meaning of life.



Curriculum Vitae


2016 - Present, MFA (Fine Art) - Nottingham Trent University, UK

2014-2015, L3 Award in Education and Training - Grantham College, UK

2010-2011, L2 Creative Craft - Grantham College, UK

2004 – 2008, MBA, Human Management - Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

2000-2002, Mixed Media Studies -“Napút” Open University of Art, Budapest, Hungary

1999-2001, Painting and Etching -”Nagyvarad Square” Art School, Budapest, Hungary

1997-1998, Aquarelle Painting - Technical University of Budapest, Hungary

1992 – 1997, MSc (Arch) - Budapest University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Hungary



2014 – Present, Lecturer of Hungarian – Grantham College, UK

2005 – Present, Managing Director and Interior Designer – ArcheMed Ltd, Hungary

1998 – 2008, Architect/Project Architect – Intermanagement Iroda Ltd, Hungary

1997-1998, Architectural Technician – PRL Wood-House Ltd, Hungary


Recent Exhibitions and Other Presence

November 2017 - 'Evocativo' Exhibition, Art Gallery 37, Turin, Italy

August 2017 - Radio Report in Radio Bézs’s ‘Lila tinta/Purple Ink’ show, reporters: G. Szerényi, I. Frank, Hungary

July 2017 - 'Dreams and Extremes' Exhibition, finalist, Lichfield Cathedral, Lichfield

July 2017 - 'Event One' Exhibition, Primary, Nottingham

from July 2017 onwards - 'Something Blue' Exhibition, online presence on Cultivate Gallery

July -August 2017 - Chester Art Centre Open Exhibition, Chester

June 2017 - MFA winner for the Nottingham Trent University marketing campaign, 'MA show student image'

June 2017 - 'Threads' Exhibition, Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

June 2017 - 'oneiroi' zine, Issue 3, publication

March 2017 - Mixed Exhibition, Carre Gallery, Sleaford

March 2017 - 'Threads' Exhibition, Espacio Gallery, London

February 2017 - 'Caught in the Whirl' featured in the AverageArt's Magazine February 2017 edition -

December 2016 - Poly-Art Exhibition, Érd, Hungary

from December 2016 onwards - paintings operate as background images for the Hungarian TV Show, 'Sztárportré / Star Portraits'

November 2016 - eNRA Exhibition, Art Gallery of the Mining Museum, Rozsnyó, Slovakia

November 2016 - 'Mustra' Exhibition, Community Centre, Érd, Hungary

October 2016 - RSMA Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London

August 2016 - ROVAS Exhibition, MKE Artists’ Residency, Tihany, Hungary

February 2016 - eNRA Exhibition, Vermes Villa Contemporary Hungarian Art Gallery, Slovakia

August 2015 - ROVAS Exhibition, Community Centre, Jablonca, Slovakia

April 2014 - 'Összhangban / In harmony' solo exhibition with Emőke László, Community Centre, Érd, Hungary

November 2014 - eNRA Exhibition, Art Gallery of the Mining museum, Rozsnyó, Slovakia

August 2014 - ROVAS Exhibition, MKE Artists’ Residency, Tihany, Hungary

May 2014 - International Friendship Group Exhibition, Grantham Town Hall, UK

14. April 2014 - Radio Report in RadioQ 'Teremőr/Museum Guard' Art Show, reporter: Gábor Szerényi


Artists' Residencies

August 2017 - ROVÁS (art director: Ottó Szabó), Tihany, Hungary

August 2016 - ROVÁS (art director: Ottó Szabó), Tihany, Hungary

August 2015 - ROVÁS (art director: Ottó Szabó), Jablonca, Slovakia

August 2014 - ROVÁS (art director: Ottó Szabó), Tihany, Hungary

July 2014 - 'Napút' Art Academy of Anthroposophy (art directors: Zoltán Döbröntei, József Zsolt Simon), Kapolcs, Hungary


In May 2017 I became a member of the ‘Focus on Identity’ international art project, comprising 20 artists from 14 countries. Our work addresses concepts of identity and belonging.


Since 2014 I have been a member of the ROVÁS Art Group ( I have been writing several art and architecture related articles (in Hungarian) to their website as follows:



- 'Jonathan Yeo Portraits' in Denmark

- Contemporary Muslim Calligraphy

- Nepalese Thangka Painting I.

- Nepalese Thangka Painting II.

- Animal Road Signs Around the World

- Architecture of Ancient Matera

- South Italian 'Trullo' Architecture

- The Ancient Svanetian Towers of Georgia

- Frogner Park and the Vigeland Installation, Oslo

- Bauhaus Architecture in Tel-Aviv

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