Collages on paper

Passage II.
Passage IV.
Passage III.

PASSAGE series (2016)

Sometimes the weight of life is upon us and we experience the feeling of being forsaken and abandoned, being lost in the space of thoughts. To move on we have to unravel the meaning and significance of the accumulated messages; we have to recognize and understand the repeating patterns of our lives and sort out their connections to our soul’s past wounds.

The way of healing and recovery is to gain the necessary information and at least partially interpret the inscrutable web of life. To reflect upon ourselves. To take over the power of the autonomous forces that guided us so far and let us be led by the summons of our souls. To take the passage where greater consciousness and reconciliation await.

PRO BONO HUMANI GENERIS (For the Good of Mankind) (2016) - acrylic painting on canvas, 39"x47" /100x120 cm/


Rise of the Ibero-American civilization through spiritual development, safeguarding of the home as an institution and building a respect for nature.

Civilization is developing further under the force of the accumulated momentum of the ages and applying a collection of historical documents to the painting reflects the importance of the past. The researched and transferred documents are ancient handwritten letters and woodcuts from the Columbus era, alongside maps and other details from Thomas More’s Utopia.

Therefore this painting deals with combining deep and rich heritages of the Ibero-Amercican countries, including historical documents to create a work that scrutinize the memory, and the bringing together of community.

The imaginary favela-like settlement is comprised of home-sized units, turning into skyscrapers of a modern city, emerging for posterity. Graffiti on the walls are made of historical documents, fragmented, just like our knowledge of the past.

Dynamics of the structure drives the eye upwards to the sky, where constellations of aquatic figures and ships based on children’s drawings. These ethereal images represent the innocence of a child’s way of thinking. We create for them. They are our future.

The cosmic tapestry becomes more sophisticated as all the names of the Ibero-American countries appear in the sky, dominated by a bird couple flying towards a better but unknown future.

Copyright @ Szilvia Ponyiczki 2017