PASSAGE series

According to Jung, when we dream or meditate, we connect to the collective unconscious. From time to time I see paintings in my dreams, but they feel more like visions, perfect realizations of the best possible artistic expression of the struggles of the natural self and the mysteriousness of the unknown. Being awake I am urged to accomplish the call and create these paintings.

PASSAGE III. (2016) - acrylic painting on canvas,150x100cm

As life goes on, sooner or later it brings each of us disappointment. Periodically, we feel betrayed by everyone we love, we completely lose our understanding of the world, we lose our faith and we feel we just can’t cope any more. Not only we do suffer in the outer world but we become fugitives in our very own, inner world too. There’s no protection, nowhere to hide, no one to comfort us. Anxiety remains and holds our hand, not wanting to let go. Is there a way out? Do we really want to get out? Or, can we believe instead that finally, after being driven unconsciously for so many years it is worth being submerged in the experience of suffering and starting to enjoy the power and relief of understanding our own self.

Led by your habits, you head towards the light, but your scattered thoughts can’t give you the assurance of a clear path. Your psyche, your natural self holds you back and suggests a more complicated way through the dark. Summons of your soul might show you the passage through these difficult times towards a truly positive outcome.


PASSAGE II. – Path to the Unknown (2016) - acrylic painting on canvas 120x100cm

Layers of human life.

Getting to know ourselves better leads us to a deep and dark place where we are lost for a while. Do we wistfully long to go back to that previous, well known life of ours – or are we determined enough to become our own self? To find a way through the maze of our unconscious we have to be engaged with the deepest layers of life.

A tree of life divides the two realms of the self; the acquired sense of self symbolised as a two dimensional world and the deep, three dimensional domain of the natural self where our souls reside. Do we want to keep unconsciously using the well-known ways of living or will we find a passage to be transferred into the realm of the own self, to make the journey of transformation to individuation.

Our crisis of identity highlights the main task which is to discover and fulfill our innate potential, get close to our natural self and understand who we really are.

PASSAGE IV. – Space of Thoughts (2016) - acrylic painting on canvas,120x100cm

Sometimes the weight of life is upon us and we experience the feeling of being forsaken and abandoned, being lost in the space of thoughts. To move on we have to unravel the meaning and significance of the accumulated messages; we have to recognize and understand the repeating patterns of our lives and sort out their connections to our soul’s past wounds.

The way of healing and recovery is to gain the necessary information and at least partially interpret the inscrutable web of life. To reflect upon ourselves. To take over the power of the autonomous forces that guided us so far and let us be led by the summons of our souls. To take the passage where greater consciousness and reconciliation await.

Copyright @ Szilvia Ponyiczki 2017