Szilvia Ponyiczki

Artistic Approach

"Look here, I know there is nothing for me to believe in
and I know that before long I shall be leaving,
but stretching my heart to be a string
to the azure I started to sing
to him I search for in vain as alive or when dead later
whom no one knows where to find here or in the ether.
But now as my muscles get softer just
so I have a feeling my friend, that in the dust,
where I was groping by clogs of earth and souls
I was the guest of a grand and unknown Lord."

Kosztolányi - Daybreak drunkenness

My work brings together interrogations concerning identity, our personal and collective unconscious, and delves into the symbolism, messages and representation of dreams.

People of ancient cultures were great believers in dreams and their powers. They were convinced that dreams were oracles, messages of gods or demons; and depending on their culture they had different rituals facilitating insightful dreams.

Unfortunately this knowledge has gradually lost its importance during the development of mankind. Dream appreciation and interpretation gained back some of its importance through the writings of S. Freud and C. G. Jung, and through the works of the surrealists in arts.

I believe that dream representation can take us back to that lost ancient knowledge of mankind, make the human unconscious accessible; showing us what we do not know, what we do not notice.

Dreams can help us to gain better insight into problems, offer new and creative solutions, and lead to a new way of thinking. Not only because our brain can work freely during sleeping when there are no disturbances from daily life, but because it has access to both the personal and the collective unconscious. This inner world of ours, where a higher intelligence resides, can be a source of imaginative wisdom and understanding. Looking for the latent content of dreams, interpreting the messages of this symbolic language gives us the opportunity to find the meaning of life, to fulfil our true destiny, to make full use of our potential. Learning about mythology, folk tales and customs can take us closer to the understanding of the symbolic language of dreams.

My modern-age ritual begins in the state of lucid dreaming. I use the capability of the unconscious to create snapshots related to a given topic or problem, and then consciously pick up on them. Interpreting these oneiric images alongside my dreams, with the help of a Jungian analyst, makes it possible to choose the ones that I feel are worth investigating and portraying either on their own or as a collection. I paint mainly with acrylics, incorporating text elements in different languages into my paintings as metaphors for the unconscious and as symbols of multiculturality and constant change which are important factors in my own life. The same way as these texts cannot be fully read or understood, the information from our unconscious cannot be completely retrieved.

On some of my paintings I apply figurative newspaper collage pieces emphasizing the actual meaning of the work. Layering, transparency, positive and negative space and distorted geometrical shapes are used to symbolize the depths of the unconscious. Works depicting human struggle and the oppressive forces of society address the collective challenges of our moment in history.

I believe that art can be a catalyst for individual and cultural transformation, enhance human potential and promote the individual and common good.

Curriculum Vitae


2016 - Present, MFA (Fine Art) - Nottingham Trent University, UK

2014 - 2015, L3 Award in Education and Training - Grantham College, UK

2010 - 2011, L2 Creative Craft - Grantham College, UK

2004 - 2008, MBA, Human Management - Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

2000 - 2002, Mixed Media Studies -“Napút” Open University of Art, Budapest, Hungary

1999 - 2001, Painting and Etching  -”Nagyvarad Square” Art School, Budapest, Hungary

1997 - 1998, Aquarelle Painting - Technical University of Budapest, Hungary

1992 - 1997, MSc (Arch) - Budapest University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Hungary


2005 - Present, Managing Director and Interior Designer – ArcheMed Ltd, Hungary

2014 - 2018, Lecturer of Hungarian – Grantham College, UK

1998 - 2008, Architect/Project Architect – Intermanagement Iroda Ltd, Hungary

1997 - 1998, Architectural Technician – PRL Wood-House Ltd, Hungary

Awards and Scholarships

2019 - Leicester Print Workshop Residency, lead artist: George Sfougaras

2018 - MMA (Hungarian Academy of Arts) special professional award, X. National Exhibition of Grotesque Fine and Applied Arts (Hungary)

2018 - NTU MA Mastered Exhibition marketing campaign MFA winner (UK)

2018 - ExperiMentor residency 'Orbit' programme (1 year), New Art Exchange (UK)

2017 - Lichfield Prize, finalist (UK)

2017 - NTU MA Mastered Exhibition marketing campaign MFA winner (UK)

2016 - NTU Postgraduate Scholarship (UK)

Works in collections:

Works in Collections:

Dead End - Törökbálint City's Contemporary Art Collection

Humility - KaposArt Private Collection, Hungary

Recent Exhibitions and Other Presence

 2020 - Re-imagining the Nolan Principles in Public Life project, National Centre for Craft and Design, Sleaford

 2020 - Re-imagining the Nolan Principles in Public Life project, BT Centre London

 2020 - Winter Exhibition, Gallery of Erd, Hungary

 2020 - Re-imagining the Nolan Principles in Public Life project, The Lightbox, Barnsley

2019 - Re-imagining the Nolan principles in public life project, Birmingham

2019 - Human Condition, Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

2019 - KaposArt Exhibition, Oradea, Transylvania

2019 - Dimensions, Reök Palace, Szeged, Hungary

2019 - International Art Prize, Palazzo Birago, Torino, Italy

2019 - Uncharted Territory, exhibition about Brexit and Migration, Cambridge, UK

2019 - Respect for the Paper, Törökbálint, Hungary

2019 - Winter Exhibition, Gallery of Erd, Hungary

2019 - Rituals and Rites Exhibition, Artcore, Derby, UK

2018 - 'Entangled Encounters' gets on the list of favourite students' works in The Guardian

2018 - solo exhibition, MUZA Cultural Centre, Gödöllő, Hungary

2018 - KaposArt Exhibition, Art Nouveau Gallery, Tirgu Mures, Transylvania

2018 - Exhibition of the XIV. International Artist Residency, Törökbálint, Hungary

2018 - 'Melange de Fruits' MFA interim show, Primary, Nottingham, UK

2018 - X. National Exhibition of Grotesque Fine and Applied Arts, Kaposvar, Hungary

2018 - Aftermath, Nottingham Contemporary, UK

2018 - New Talent Exhibition, Focus Gallery, Nottingham, UK

2018 - Works published in Sheepshead Review, spring issue 2018 of UWGB, Wisconsin, USA

2018 - Solo Exhibition, Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham, UK

2018 - Works published and interview in Art Reveal Magazine no. 38, April 2018, p. 96-101, ISBN 9781388503475

2018 - 'Threads' Exhibition, Espacio Gallery, London, UK

2018 - eNRA Exhibition, MaJel Rovás Centre, Košice, Slovakia

2018 - Focus on Identity Exhibition, Piacere Gallery, London, UK

2018 - AP Exhibition, LVA Gallery, Sheraton Hotel, London, UK

2017 - Poly-Art Exhibition, Érd, Hungary

2017 - 'Evocativo' Exhibition, Art Gallery 37, Torino, Italy

2017 - Radio Report in Radio Bézs’s ‘Lila tinta/Purple Ink’ show, reporters: G. Szerényi, I. Frank, Hungary

2017 - 'Dreams and Extremes' Exhibition, finalist, Lichfield Cathedral, Lichfield, UK

2017 - 'Event One' Exhibition, Primary, Nottingham, UK

2017 - 'Something Blue' Exhibition, online presence on Cultivate Gallery

2017 - Chester Art Centre Open Exhibition, Chester, UK

2017 - MFA winner for the Nottingham Trent University marketing campaign, 'MA show student image'

2017 - 'Threads' Exhibition, Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

2017 - 'oneiroi' zine, Issue 3, publication

2017 - Mixed Exhibition, Carre Gallery, Sleaford, UK

2017 - 'Threads' Exhibition, Espacio Gallery, London, UK

2017 - 'Caught in the Whirl' featured in the AverageArt's Magazine February 2017 edition

2016 - Poly-Art Exhibition, Érd, Hungary

from 2016 onwards - paintings operate as background images for the Hungarian TV Show, 'Sztárportré / Star Portraits'

2016 - eNRA Exhibition, Art Gallery of the Mining Museum, Rozsnyó, Slovakia

2016 - 'Mustra' Exhibition, Community Centre, Érd, Hungary

2016 - RSMA Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London, UK

2016 - ROVAS Exhibition, MKE Artists’ Residency, Tihany, Hungary

2016 - eNRA Exhibition, Vermes Villa Contemporary Hungarian Art Gallery, Slovakia

2015 - ROVAS Exhibition, Community Centre, Jablonca, Slovakia

2014 - 'Összhangban / In harmony' solo exhibition with Emőke László, Community Centre, Érd, Hungary

2014 - eNRA Exhibition, Art Gallery of the Mining museum, Rozsnyó, Slovakia

2014 - ROVAS Exhibition, MKE Artists’ Residency, Tihany, Hungary

2014 - International Friendship Group Exhibition, Grantham Town Hall, UK

2014 - Radio Report in RadioQ 'Teremőr/Museum Guard' Art Show, reporter: Gábor Szerényi

Artist Residencies

2018 - XIV. International Artist Residency, Törökbálint, Hungary

2018 - International Artist Residency, Barcs, Hungary

2018 - ExperiMentor residency 'Orbit' programme, New Art Exchange, UK

2017 - ROVÁS  Residency, Tihany, Hungary

2016 - ROVÁS  Residency, Tihany, Hungary

2015 - ROVÁS Residency,  Jablonca, Slovakia

2014 - ROVÁS Residency,  Tihany, Hungary

2014 - 'Napút' Art Academy of Anthroposophy, Kapolcs, Hungary


In 2017 I became a fellow artist of the ‘Focus on Identity’ international art project, FOI is an artists' collective formed in 2017 to encourage collaboration between artists from diverse backgrounds and countries of origin. We explore themes of Identity, Sense of Place and Belonging. ( Blog contribution: Purple Reflection

I am a member of the Artists' Pool ( and the National Association of Hungarian Artists (MAOE).

Since 2014 I have been a fellow artist of the ROVÁS Art Group ( I have been writing several art and architecture related articles (in Hungarian) to their website as follows:

- 'Jonathan Yeo Portraits' in Denmark

- Contemporary Muslim Calligraphy

- Nepalese Thangka Painting  I.

- Nepalese Thangka Painting II.

- Animal Road Signs Around the World

- Architecture of Ancient Matera

- South Italian 'Trullo' Architecture

- The Ancient Svanetian Towers of Georgia

- Frogner Park and the Vigeland Installation, Oslo

- Bauhaus Architecture in Tel-Aviv

Links to video and sound pieces:

Re-imagining the Nolan principles in public life project

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