Humanoid series    2018 -2020

My latest works are composed of religious and mythological symbolism, presenting tormented Humanoid figures.

I have developed this dream-representation-based method during the past years, in an attempt of an authentic portrayal of the unconscious.

The Humanoids, the amorphous beings I created portray the human figure and psyche as a whole. Their hands - embodying the physical aspect of a human - are characteristic, they become pronounced and oversized. The inner states are portrayed through the bodily attitude of the beings and the position of their limbs.

They float, exist in the unknown.

The dream-likeness was created by applying Jung's thoughts on dreams into the painting method, such as another dimension, unknown world, world of symbols; furthermore by incorporating dream features into images e.g. fragmentation, overlapping layers, the incomprehensible, existing in a broken state, not recognizable to the conscious mind.

In 'Forces of the Unknown' and 'Lost Souls' I aimed to bring to the viewer a non-distant world of symbols, which can be interpreted by a man of today, thus trying to establish a connection between the viewer and the images. As a result, the Renaissance image transmission came into play, reinforced by the fact that the Humanoid figures were remarkably similar to the Renaissance era’s human portrayal; especially on Michelangelo’s works where the cloak of his characters’ resembles that of the contours of the Humanoid figures.

The overlapping layers of the paintings are symbolic of the knowledge and potential we carry within us. How many layers can we recognise, how deep are we willing to look into ourselves and each other?

The structure invites us to delve into deeper dimensions of the psyche, to access rich layers of meaning and understanding.

The irregular hexahedrons, which are always present in the paintings, are derived from the cube - one of the five Platonic solids, associated with the earth, and reconnecting energy to nature. The deformed cubes were created to suggest space, an unknown dimension, contours of our inner self and constraints of the physical body or of society. Their outline is a negative image, carrying another world within, a hidden layer which can only be seen through the gaps, or faded away behind the body of the cube.

The razor cut figures are a metaphor for the lost information caused by fragmentation. When recalling a dream, all the pieces are there but the conscious mind struggles to put them together, symbols help to rebuild the image. This is why bringing back renaissance images can touch us on a deeper level. We know the image, we are aware of the connotation, it gets included in the work, transferred but not copied, carrying only its deeper meaning to represent the inner struggle of the psyche and accidental appearances of the unconscious.

Dream Representation    2017-2018

  The Ways of the Unconscious    2015-2016

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